The national currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel, it is available in 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 100,000 notes. Since the Riel is linked with the exchange rate of the US Dollar, both currencies are accepted; the riel is most commonly used only for small transactions in place of U.S. coins, which are not accepted anywhere. However in the countryside, prices are more commonly quoted in riel, as there are fewer U.S. dollars around.

Riel are mostly given back as change (1 USD = 4000 Riel), even if you pay in dollars. Please be careful at land borders; scammers often operate there and will tell you that only Riel are accepted for payment (not true), forcing you to change your money (at an unfavorable exchange rate). In addition to paying in US Dollars and Riel, at a lot of places you can pay in Thai Baht as well. Other currencies can be changed in money exchange offices or banks.

Please take note that torn or old currency notes – both dollars and riel – may be difficult to use. Cashiers may point to a small tear in the note and refuse to accept it. Therefore, always check your money carefully; torn notes can be changed in exchange offices against a small surcharge.
For daily expenses it is always important to have small money in your wallet; Tuk Tuk-drivers and smaller shops do not usually have much change.

Banks are open from Monday to Saturday from 08.00am to 04.00pm and ATM’s can be found in the biggest cities; you can withdraw US Dollars or Riel. It’s advisable to get some cash out before a trip into the country or a less touristy area as ATM’S are less common there. Cambodian ATMs are generally compatible with Maestro, Cirrus, Plus, and VISA cards. Visa and JCB are the most widely accepted credit cards. MasterCard and American Express cards are slowly becoming more widely accepted. Note that many places, especially budget restaurants and accommodation, do not accept credit cards.