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Accessible Tours

Accessible Tours

Accessible travel to Asia with Traveling to Asia Accessible tour

The company is located in Vietnam with an experienced local team. With 23 years of experience in Asia-wide tourism and travel

Accessible people in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia.

Travel Asia offers you fun and high-quality tours in Vietnam Cambodia, tours adapted for disabled people in wheelchairs and disabled in general.

With us, everyone can! Regardless of the border! with proven experience.

A trip of this type of population requires specialization and experience at the destination, requires flexibility and adjustments according to the composition of the group

and for the required needs.

We can adjust a trip according to your request with our experience.

The trip will include escort and support for the group as needed and the degree of disability.

The trip will be planned with degrees of difficulty adapted to the disabled at different levels (final adjustment will be made when the group is assembled)


Accessible people can also travel Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia … because they deserve it too.

As years of experience in the field of tourism in Vietnam, hotels and tours. Mrs. Tan brings with her innovation and a different point of view for the enjoyment of travelers in Vietnam. Interest, along with authenticity and differentiation from other tours in Vietnam.

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