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Markets in Vietnam – Traveling to Vietnam

Markets in Vietnam – Traveling to Vietnam

From fresh fruits and vegetables to clothes, shoes and more.., the Vietnamese markets have it all. Each and every city has a large and central market, as well as several small local markets in the neighbourhood on the street in the district, for tourists and the local crowd.

With such a wide variety of goods and markets on offer in Vietnam, finding the best market for what you are looking for can be complex.

I will try here to give you advice to fully understand a Vietnamese market experience, it is very important to understand how they fit into the Vietnamese culture.

Markets have traditionally been the backbone of local and regional trade in Vietnam.

Fresh produce comes from across the provinces to towns and cities, giving locals access to goods at affordable prices.

In Vietnam they continue to play an important role in local culture and daily life. In trading markets are a place not only to purchase things but also to socialize.

In Vietnam different types of markets

Day markets, night markets and even special markets for shopping products. Various sales:

The flower market, a market for souvenirs from the Vietnam War, floating markets, minority markets.

How to shop with the locals?

Vietnamese markets cater for everyone. Souvenirs, food, clothing and more from early morning until late evening.

You will likely always find something surprising to buy or eat. Wherever you go in Vietnam,

Don’t forget that the markets in Vietnam are everywhere and at any time…almost…

Enjoy lovely Vietnam.

Le Thi Nhat Tan

As years of experience in the field of tourism in Vietnam, hotels and tours. Mrs. Tan brings with her innovation and a different point of view for the enjoyment of travelers in Vietnam. Interest, along with authenticity and differentiation from other tours in Vietnam.

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